Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood (FSL)

LHDP evolves marginalized communities to manage effective socio-economic initiatives especially in fields of Agriculture, Livestock and Enterprises development on long-lasting basis. It has been implementing a variety of Projects in different parts of Sindh Province


Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

LHDP works with communities to reduce the risks of different disaster like Floods, Drought, Earthquake and Cyclones. It has also been planning for preparedness of all expected disaster in its strategic geographical areas since its inception. LHDP strive for response to humanitarian crisis also. Main projects focuses on Safe Evacuation, Shelter, WASH, Food Security/Livelihood and Child Protection at Emergency Level and Recovery and Rehabilitation of Basic entities after return to original places.


Climate Change Adaptation(CCA)

LHDP, has strong focus on Adaptation and Justice to the Climate Change. LHDP closely works with coastal communities, relevant stakeholders (Govt, Media, CSOs etc…) to build a Resilience in Coastal and Arid Zone of Sindh province. Thus the Climate Change is an emerging issue and is now focused by Pakistan Government also; LHDP strives towards CCA through strong mobilization and encourages to protect and manage natural resources as climate resilience features at all levels.


Natural Resource Management (NRM)

LHDP works for NRM with integral approach, while the main focus is on Policy and Practice. At policy level LHDP involves the relevant stakeholders and facilitate them in consultation on legislative matters to achieve the strategic targets. While at practice level, we develop models for replication at larger scale.

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