LHDP is currently seeking an experienced Firm/Company/Team to develop a video documentary of our project entitiled, “Securing Water Rights and Use for Farmers of Mirpurkhas” in Sindh.

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Preparation of a Video Documentary

Project: Securing Water Rights & Use for Farmers in Mirpurkhas (Sindh)

Introduction to Laar Humanitarian & Development Programme (LHDP)

LHDP is a registered Not for Profit Organizations which has been working in Sindh province since 2006. Our thematic areas include humanitarian response, disaster risk management and risk reduction, sustainable livelihood, climatic change adaptation and mitigation and water resource management. The projects/programmes implemented by the organization mainly focus on socioeconomic development and resilience building of communities in disaster prone districts of Pakistan.


Programme Background

LHDP is carrying out Securing Water Rights & Use for Farmers programme in the district Mirpur Khas for four years. Tail-end farmers of the district are faced with the challenge of uneven distribution of water which has led them to abndon agriculture work or adjust with low farming production. Government, local bodies, council member, growers, irrigation experts, academia and members of the civil society were mobilized to resolve the alarming issue. Other challenges in the area included poor drainage and irrigation system, theft, misuse, overuse and underuse of resources and climate change. Leading into the project interventions such as; Infrastructural work at Minor/Distributaries and Water Courses, Capacity Building of Farmers on Water Resources and Agricultural Management , Advocacy and Linkage Building, Innovative and climate smart agriculture practices were carried out. Major programme impacts include increased access to irrigation water, sustainable agriculture, increased land fertility rate, cultivation of more lands, increased productivity rate due to innovative ideas, development of knowledge bases and reduced conflicts among farmers.


Consultancy Purpose

Purpose of the consultancy is to develop a short and comprehensive video documentary of the programme which can be shared with different stakeholders including Government/Ministries/Departments, Media, Civil Society organizations, donors and general public.



Following are the intended objectives of the video documentary

  • Need of the programme
  • What programme intervention were carried-out and how these impact the lives of the farmers and to what extent
  • What were the major challenges the programme faced and how these were resolved
  • How the programme achievement are made sustainable and scalable after closing
  • What future steps are necessary on part of stakeholders to Secure Water Rights of the farming community in Pakistan.


Shooting Location

District Mirpurkhas (Sindh): Tehsil Dighri (Potho Minor) and Tehsil Kot Ghulam Muhammad (KGM Minor).




  • Has proven experience (3-5 years) in developing high quality media content including video documentaries.
  • Expertise in constitutional language/ terms
  • Excellent Skills of translation of English into Sindhi and vice versa.
  • Familiarity to NGO/ social sector field and knowledge of Multi-stakeholders Advocacy Strategies.
  • Has a team of technical /professional experts in developing educational videos for multiple communication platforms.
  • Is willing to work with the LHDP team given the Covid-19 scenario.



  • Video script (English)
  • Rough cut
  • Final video
  • 10 DVD with printed Jackets
  • Video in different formats such as MP4, HD, YouTube, FB and WhatsApp



The consultant will follow the work plan developed and agreed mutually by LHDP and the consultant

The duration of shooting will be up to 30 working days


Facilitation by LHDP:

  • LHDP shall support the consultant during field visit and meetings (when and where applicable)
  • Logistical facilitation will not be entertained by LHDP; Consultant will include all relevant expenses from the agreed budget/fees for this consultancy.
  • LHDP will share relevant information of project and the area during the consultancy.


How to Apply

Please follow the following format for your proposal and provide the requested information


Company Introduction:

  • Company profile
  • Recent achievements
  • Relevant clients
  • Relevant sample work (online links)
  • Team Composition
  • Postal and digital website
  • NTN /SRTN certificate
  • Contact person name, number, and address.
  • Two past performance references
  • Contact person name, number, and address


Technical Proposal:

  • Motivation
  • Methodology
  • Approach to the solution
  • Work plan
  • Main software in use
  • Main shooting and editing equipment


Financial Proposal:

  • Detailed Budget (In Pak Rupees)
  • Validity period of the quoted price.


(Your proposed budget should include all applicable taxes and logistics cost)

Submission Procedure

The technical and financial proposals (in soft-PDF or Hard Copies) along with Cover letter should be sent to address mentioned bellow. Please clearly mention, “Proposal for Documentary Securing Water Rights & Use for Farmers in Mirpurkhas (Sindh)” on top right of the Envelope (If sent through post) or Subject line of email.


Closing date for submissions:

Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Proposal can be submitted at:

Procurement Committee,

Laar Humanitarian and Development Programme (LHDP),

Near Ahmed CNG Station, Golarchi Road,

Badin, Sindh.



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